enlightened soul

Part One

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You know, there is only one divine truth...within yourself, that is your guiding light. The teachers that have loved, taught and inspired this particular soul all acted and spoke as one divine being. This one is bowing at their feet.

The scientist will study matter and try to break it down, so they can understand what the world is made up of, and what life is all about. You cannot study external objects and come up with a true answer, an absolute truth. It cannot be done. If you study external objects, objects that you see and touch in this physical world, you will come up with answers based in thought. A discovery made through thought will give you more thought as the answer.

In order to understand that truth which exists within every single thing, we must look within and study energy. We must study energy at the vibrational level and beyond. This pure state of energy known as God or higher consciousness, is beyond thought, and cannot be studied through a microscope.

All will agree that the world needs to change....but unfortunately...most people believe that what they can see and touch is reality and as a result they work with these physical objects to come up with absolute truths, which cannot be done. We need to work directly with the true reality to understand the true reality. This book will help you find that true reality within yourself.

The truth is found at levels beyond the atom, but you cannot find it through a microscope. You can only find the truth of all the ages, of all creation by going within. That source of all life, energy of all cells, that which fuels and nourishes all life, that pure source....can be found by looking within yourself.

All of our lives have we studied the stuff outside of ourselves, the things that you can see and touch in this world. We study the external sciences and still come up with an empty feeling. It's all for naught without a study of the inner science, a living experience of the living energy within. The most exact, the only exact science is knowledge of God, which is knowledge of self, which is knowledge of all. This is not an external science, this is an internal science studied via your direct experience of your higher self.

The dictionary will not define energy as consciousness nor will it define energy as God or God as consciousness. But that which gives you your sparkle of life is energy, is God, is consciousness. That consciousness can be experienced and known.

This writing is not one of definitions and explanations. It is simply a field manual for an experience with God.... An experience with that truth inside of yourself....

Your sacred life energy is alive and well within you, and is waiting to show you what you have been missing.... from divine ecstacy to infinite wisdom. All is there and more when you simply look within....

~Chapter One~

Come one....come the revelations of your Soul.....come to the perfection point. Come to the realization that you are infinite, that you are the manifestation of whatever you choose to create in your life. Life is for you. Everything that is here on this Earth, is here to assist you in attaining your dreams, and the fullfillment of your life. Life has meaning, life has purpose. Life has a special, and specific part for every person. There are doors to open to your soul, to the center of the universe, to the center of your being. There are pathways straight to God, right through to bliss, direct to ecstacy; without you having to do anything, without you taking any type of drug, or having to recite any type of mental repetition.

It is not necessary to follow gurus, rock bands, or any type of religion to find that special, personal experience that you totally know is the center of your soul. To find that bliss, that love, that oneness of God that fullfills your every wish and desire, is extremely easy. Yes it is quite simple, so simple in fact, that it hides from anyone who tries to find it. Yet it can be experienced twenty four hours a day in any activity you are engaged in.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, you are always with God. God is always with you. You are never separate from God, whether you know this or not. If you have realized this then you are in heaven on earth, if you have not realized this then you are living in a prison that you have created with your mind. This might be a very pleasurable place for you and very comfortable too, it's called the world and there are a lot of things to do. You can keep coming back over and over again, totally lost and absorbed in the world and having endless amounts of fun. But one day, you must stop running from yourself, stop hiding from the truth, and stop having the truth hide from you.

Someday everyone will realize that God is within and without. All things come from God. Every thing in manifested form has come from God. But the gross physical body will not show you the essence of all. To find this, you simply go within. Why waste your time having only a taste of life, when you could feast on immortality? Why experience only a low level of consciousness, when you could be totally awake and enlightened?

You have magic in the palm of your hands, magic that can make mountains move. You need no one or anything to be totally free. The biggest experience is God, and the best you could ever feel would be to be totally immersed in God. At that moment, all of the energy and forces of the universe are at your command, and working with you. All people are searching to be totally free... only way through God. All people are wanting to be happy....only way through God.

People are afraid that knowing God will change them in some way, and feel they are fine just the way they are. Jump right in the water is fine. Do not be afraid of God. You have been created in Gods image, with all of the power of God. Some people think that God doesn't exist because they cannot see God. These people cannot see God because they are always looking outward into the physical world. They simply need to look inward. They must redirect their energy.

All of our lives we are taught to direct our energy outwards. Everything we do is in the world outside of our true being. Our senses are experiencing outward events. The food that we eat comes from outside. Our lives are spent in total absorption in the outside world; the physical, material world that we create. All of our answers are coming from this place and that is why the world is out of balance and in deep trouble.

Every second we are hearing outward sounds and seeing outward sights that exist in our world. At the very same second we are thinking thoughts about every thing in the universe that keep us locked in time and space. We are seeing and creating our house, our framework around us, and our whole world is lived in that premise. If we base our truth on an illusion, all that follows will not be real.

We must make a radical change. We must reorganize our thoughts, and feelings. We must realize God within. We are locked in thought. For the most part we are thinking, at some level, twenty four hours a day,which is keeping us locked in time and space. One thought leading to another thought, into another thought without any break, keeping us in a world created totally of thought. We have to break free of thought. We are imprisoned by our own thoughts. Thoughts will not lead us to God, only to more thoughts, and to more trips around the wheel of life.

We are attached to thoughts. Thats why they hang around. We are attached to everything. That's why we can't get anywhere. We must attatch ourselves to God. That way we can get somewhere. If we direct our energy inward we find God, pure and simple, it's that easy. God is beyond thought.. Thought has a beginning and an end; God has neither.

Something so wonderful to experience, and to know and become one with, but it still eludes us because we're stuck in a rut; the thought, the thinker of the thought, and the act of thinking as the bridge that perpetuates it and glues it altogether. When we direct our energy inward that glue dissolves and we can get beyond thought. When we do that, all of the walls that we have built with our mind will collapse, and we see that God was waiting for us all of the time.

Of course you can't go see God with a bad attitude. No bad attitudes, and your heart would be full of love. God responds to love. All life respondes to love. Love and wisdom open a direct channel to God.

Your senses will experience both outward and inward phenomena. Each sense if directed inward is a direct pathway to God. We never see or experience God, because we are always looking outwardly. Always the senses are projecting in an outward direction. Our attatchments are to these worldly objects, our sense of belonging and worth, and value that we live within, all centered around worldy objects. Our objects of desire and happiness, all based on temporal things. Simply because we place our attatchment there. Simply because we haven't seen anything better. We need to do a major shift of our focus, about 180 degrees to the inside please.

People fear that by knowing God, they would have to give up all of their belongings. We need to give up our attatchment to these things. Knowing God will not take away all of your worldy goods. You will still use all these things, only you will be free from them. They will serve you instead of you serving them.

In all of our daily activities we need to be aware of God. We want to be God conscious all of the time, for this is to be in a state of bliss, and total awareness of our self and our world. This is the gathering that we will all be coming to, our heaven on earth. This is the evolution that we are all going through. Instant liberation in knowing God. If you set yourself in the direction of god, all things will be revealed to you, and all good things will follow.

The mind is so strong with a will to exist that will try to stop you from realizing God. To see God you must silence your cluttered mind. In that stillness magic happens. God is. God is right here. In stillness, where thought exists no more, and time has ceased to exist, there will you find eterniity. There will you find that pure love that fills your heart with joy. There will you find the awareness and understanding of your life and the universe. there you will find pureness of heart.

Mind is so strong that it will create a heaven for you, without you ever knowing, that you're still within thought. Mind games are hard to break; the more you play with them and give them energy, the more you reinforce the game and become locked into it, the further away from freedom you go. It takes pureness of heart and clarity of mind to open the door to God. If you want to find God, really want to find god, it can happen in a split second because God will find you.

Thought will take off in any direction that you give energy to. You are directing your thoughts, and thus your world is created. Energy is moving, it is not locked up in walls or containers. Energy is moving through us. It is not just locked up within our body and moved through the universe. The energy of the universe is moving through you. If you become one with God you will see and realize this nature of consciousness. This magical transformation is your essential nature. Likewise our thoughts and feelings are not locked up within ourselves either. If you have a thought about someone, that thought will leave your mind / body and travel to the other person; just like a little space ship traveling between universes. We are a mini self contained universe, each and every one of us moving through the big universe, all being powered by the supreme intelligence.

You can see this brilliance of God. If you were to travel beyond thought, beyond the mind, beyond your personal identity, you would see Gods eternal light. God manifests energy in different ways, and at different levels.There are many aspects of God that can be directly experienced through meditation. There are religions that worship these different manifestations of god and there are different meditations for each of these different aspects of God, all keeping you centered in your being with God.

Centered in your being with any second, at every second; Precision alignment with the eternal and the thoughts will drop away. The mind is like the ocean forever pounding waves upon the shore. Never still, always sending waves upon the shore, the mind will never know of its true nature. The mind must become still like the quiet, serene lake in the valley of paradise. The mind engaged in constant thought is like a bowl of water that is shaken vigorously. You look into the bowl and all that you see is ripples splashing everywhere, you can't see anything else.But if you stop shaking the bowl and set it down, you will see that the ripples disappear, and everything becomes calm and still. The water has become transparent, and you can see through to the other side. When the thoughts go away and the mind calms down and becomes still, the other side becomes visible, livable and knowable.

Simply be still.....let stillness be.

~Chapter Two~

Generator..Operator..Destroyer...GOD. God is revered across the planet, in every land, in every language, by every culture on earth. Every culture has its own beliefs, its own religion, and has been doing so since the beginning of their time. Every religion, every belief, will swear by their own prophets, and their own personal way of worshiping God. Those who worship something else will swear by that. Since the beginning of all cultures, wars have been fought over different beliefs in God. Since the beginning of religion, people haved killed in the name of their God, because they thought that their God was better than the other Gods.

There is but one God, shared by every living being upon this planet. One God that is everywhere at once. One God that permeates every soul in every living being. One consciousness. One God that is so loving and generous to create us in the image of God, with all of the powers of God, and has given us free will to create our world. With all the power of God do we go forth, whether we realize it or not. If we do realize God then we can create heaven on earth. If we do not experience God within ourselves, all of our creations will be that of unfulfilled promises. Promises that you have made to God prior to you taking this incarnation. Promises you have made to yourself that this lifetime you would not forget to remember who you really are.

One religion will tell you that you cannot approach God unless it is through their prophet. Another religion will tell you that the only way is through their messiah, and that anyone else is a false prophet, and will spend an eternity in hell and high water. Still others will say that the only way to know God is to study the scriptures, but that you cannot actually ever know God because God is too great to know. Religion will tell you to follow along blindly and to believe what you are told. Only you can say what is real and truthfull for you. Only you can experience God. Let no one tell you what God is or is not. Your only road to truth is in your own experience. Let no one take that away from you.

Somehow every time a religion is formed around God, somehow.. the truth seems to get distorted down the line. Too many people misinterpreting what someone else is susposed to have said. And the truth shall make you free...... The only way to know God is to experience God directly yourself. Religions will hide God from you. You must approach God directly. Of course you must go through a transformation to reach Gods pure formlessness. Your heart must be full of love and your mind must be full of wisdom and Knowledge. Then you must transcend even that.

Knowing the right things to be doing at any given moment, is a treasure chest of jewels. Being able to pull yourself out of the realm of thought, and emerge into God, is art pure and simple. You are creating the purest expression of your devotion. Your devotion to God is a direct link to God, very personal and very beyond. Your intuition is a direct link to god. This is God talking to you. God talks to us in so many ways, if we would be still, we would be aware....... we would see and understand.

God is so simply seen. Transcendance of thought so simply done. If your will is directed inward, all energy will begin to follow. Transcendance of your senses, in the blinking of an eye. One can be enlightened in the blinking of an eye. There was this master and his pupil, and the pupil asked his teacher; "Master, what did you find when you discovered God"? The teacher replied, "Nothing, absolutely nothing." Absolute nothingness, thats God in the purest sense. Beyond the physical realms, past the divine, dynamic manifestations of celestial music, divine light, and the living word, beyond any manifestation, is Gods purest form, which is actually no form at all. No- thing exists, Absolute nothingness, formlessness, the void. Pure unmanifested consciousness. All knowing- omniscient, being everywhere at once-omnipresent, all loving, full of compassion, totally in control, where everything has come from energy.

Totally in control without being in control, for we have been given the control panel. We have been given the reins to shape the world, to create our own destiny, to manifest whatever we desire. We have been created with the power of the creator, and we have been created to evolve.

To evolve we must change our way of thinking. We need a radical shift of consciousness. We need to see the truth of pure consciousness come shining through at every second, and we need to carry that truth to each and every experience we have. We must carry this paradigm throughout the world.

To change our way of thinking, we need to have an experience with God. To have a divine experience, we need to have faith. To find faith, simply look within yourself, see the ripples of thought disappear as your mind becomes calm and still, and then see the emergence of the most spectacular. Your faith can make mountains move. Your faith can create miracles, and remove all of the walls that imprison you, because your faith will lead you to God. To find faith, be in a state of love. To find faith, simply look around at all the beautiful things in your life and in nature.

To have an experience with God, simply silence your mind. So, obviously, when you discover and become one with God, you won't be thinking. At that moment of at-onement with God, you as an individual you, will not exist. You will have transcended your individual identification and merged into Godness. It is only at this moment that one can find all of the answers, all of the happiness.

People will try so hard to stop their thoughts. If you try to stop them, you only reinforce them, giving them energy and perpetuating their existence. Thoughts continue because we give them constant energy, we won't let them go. We identify with them totally, and think that they are the all and everything in our world. We need to focus our energy on something beyond thought. We need to identify with our eternal spirit. If we put our attention there instead of into thought, a magical door opens for our ultimate indulgence. As thought disappears, God appears.

We are that close to the discovery of the ultimate reward, yet most people haven't a clue that there is anything more to this world than what they see and touch on a day to day basis. This planet is in need of everyones services. The time is critical, and we do not have the time to waste with our selfish concerns anymore. We need to experience the highest source, and to evolve from the idea that our illusion is real. We need to be God in action to make radical change.

The experience will wake us up to the fact of God within each and everyone of us. This is and always has been the very nucleus of any type of gathering between souls. To experience this, to realize this, and then to keep moving and not stagnate or get stuck in any rut along the way. We all have things to do in this world that complete the whole picture of the worlds evolution. We are all very important in the whole picture of things, and we all have vital things that we must do to complete the picture. We must take what we have learned and gained from this experience, and go forth in our endeavor to do our part.

If you are at one with God, all of your actions are not only good for you but are good for the whole world. This is the paradigm, that we must carry forth.

We must gather ourselves and see clearly. We must complete our journey through life and not get lost along the way. If we look deep within our heart, we will discover our true purpose in life, and what we should do with our selves. No one can tell you what to do. Only you can realize your own destiny and what you should do. If we look within, beyond the thoughts and ideas that weave our existence and our destiny, beyond the creations of our imagination that we indulge ourselves in on a day to day basis, we would see all. If we could see through all the fog instead of being lost in it, we would see God, that totally clear consciousness. The view would be totally awesome. A truly inspiring event in our evolution of consciousness.

Most people think that the only time they will ever see God, is in their final moments. For these people, a precious moment of realization that would transform their very being, has been postponed a lifetime. Literally they have been sitting on their derrieres, wasting time away, because they don't have a clue. Too many lifetimes have been wasted without a spiritual awakening, without a spiritual remembering of who we really are. We are that which we are. We are that which we create. We come into this world with the power of the creator, if we but remermber.

Evolution can be seen in a fast forward mode, when seen through the eye of the enlightened soul. Matter will break down unto its essence of pure energy and the mountain will move literally for you. Such is the power at your command. Such is your power to transform gross thoughts into subtle thoughts, to instantaneously evolve your consciousness.

People need not be afraid to know God. You won't fall off of the edge of the world or anything like that. You won't go flying off through the universe forever either. We simply find our real home. We simply find that place within our consciousness where we are complete and at rest. This place we need to know . For there will come a time when you will leave this body behind, as it will no longer serve you. This is not your end. This is simply a transition for you. You need to know and understand this, and need to know what to do as this change is taking place. Why? Because your crazy mind controls you. All of so many lives, have we built a box in which we have lived out our lives within the confines of. Built of thought and glued together with attatchment is the nature of this box.

If you've never had an experience of God, you will carry this box with you as you go through this transition. Not understanding what is happening, will you project all of your fears into your box and create your hell. If you've never had an experience of God how could you know what to do? If you've never been beyond thought, never beyond the confines of your mind... this is why it is so important to understand this... because all of a sudden you are back in another body, playing the game all over again, without you ever knowing anything has happened. All of that happened through not knowing the truth, and it has put you back on the wheel of birth and death.

All of this continuous wasting of time, and the world is out of balance. If every person is in balance, the whole world will be in balance. We need to know now what God is, and where to find this total consciousness. We need to be aware of God at every nanosecond of every second. Only this will truly elevate our consciousness and restore balance.

What we need is something that would be working for us at every second, without us having to lift a finger. Something that would make us aware without us having to do anything at all. We have all this, all in the palm of our hand. We have all of the answers to all of the questions. We are the highest of magicians, alchemists each and every one. All of us holy beings. The highest magical act? The purest art form? Transformation of energy. The undoing of the mind. Direct your attention in a certain direction and the energy flows as you direct your will. The energy starts working with you, flowing with you to open the door to the next level. This is Gods grace. Your reward for having a heart full of love and your mind full of wisdom. It is found at any second as a reward for you getting to God.

You cannot think your way to God, you must transcend thought. You must become smarter than your mind. There are things we can do....simply by not doing anything. God will set you free. You are already free. God is all. God is no-thing. Nothingness... yet in that nothingness you will find everything. In that non existence you will find eternity. In that vast sea of consciousness, you will find that pure love of God. The one who has given you free will to create your destiny.

No where to go nothing to do.... so much to do and so many places to be...The mind is always so restless...restless with itself because it can not find its true nature. Working within the confines of its own limitations, a box full of ideas, a closed mind cannot see past itself. A closed mind sees only itself, knows only itself. Open up to your essence, open up to love and to endless possibilities. An open mind knows no boundaries, and embraces all of life.

~Chapter Three~

Nowhere to go... nothing to do...literally. Simply rest... be still .....Quiet your mind. It is not necessary to think incessantly. Still your thoughts... Take complete refuge in the truth and fear not. The more you try to do, the more concrete everything becomes. Let go of attatchment. Let go of desire. Let go of your searching for God. Stay centered without doing anything.

If we are controlled by the mind, we cannot fine tune consciousness. Imagine your mind is the TV that is constantly being flipped through the channels. Different experiences, images, feelings, all flipping through the channels, all 53 of them. Or maybe if you have satelite vision, you've got 300 channels that you're flipping through. 53 or 103, still a set number of channels, and a limited existence in the box. And who is the controller of the remote? Your desires and attatchments are running the whole show. Your hopes and fears and any thing else you can think up, all working hand in hand as your controller.

Now a funny thing happens when you turn your TV set off. All of the images of sight and sound and the lights fantastic all dissolve to the center of the tube as a concentrated point of light, then it goes within and disappears. That whole world in that box just totally transformed into a concentrated point of light that went within itself. Similarly you have the power through love and understanding, to observe the same phenomenon happening in your mind, when you become unattatched to your thoughts. As you go within, your transformation of consciousness opens you up to the realness in you.

That concentration point, you can know. That dissolving of thoughts to the higher energy you can know. That going within, you can know. That inner light of your soul you can know. That moving of energy, you can know. All this and more can we know because we are that which we are trying to know. Thou art that. This is all second nature for you, all you need to do is remember who you really are.

There are things we can do to keep our concentration on God, to keep our awareness within. Secrets that have been passed on through the ages of time. Truths that have remained intact to this day. Why no distortion during the passage of time? Because the keepers of these truths were pure in spirit as the truth itself.

There are many teachings available in spiritual writings that have not been distorted. Many should be studied and put to the test. But the biggest teacher is experience. Only through your experience can you know anything and everything. Many should be studied and put to the test. But the biggest teacher is experience. Only through your experience can you know anything and everything.

By being aware of your breath you will center your experience. Your breath is very powerful. You can do everything while being aware of your breath. By being aware of your breath, you will not put your energy into thought. Your breath is always with you. No extra baggage to carry around . Without putting energy into incessant thought patterns, changes start to happen. You become calm. You become still and at rest. Your intuition becomes alive. You become more aware. Your breath is so vital. The power within the breath, thats where you put your awareness. And this gives you something to place your attatchments on other than thought. Soon instead of thinking so much, it just becomes natural to center within your breath. Your breathing should be through your nose with your mouth closed.

Simply by being centered in your breath, there are numerous physical improvements......lowered blood pressure, relaxed heart rate, increased happiness. Some thoughts are life destroying, and create disease. Some thoughts will be your hell and fill you with fear. By not giving these thoughts energy, imagine what will happen? You get happier, healthier. By placing your awareness on that power within the breath, your experience of consciousness will deepen. You will always have that door to open to higher consciousness. No one can take that from you.

To stay in the higher levels of consciousness, you must sincerely be dedicated to the higher good for all. Your will and the Creators will become one and the same. The highest action that you could do for yourself becomes the higthest action that you could do for another.

Unfortunately, most people live in the lower levels of consciousness, the first three chakras. Your mini universe, your mind/body, just like the big universe, has an alignment of energy locations. All laid out in a precision balance, within your mind/body system. The first three chakras are where power, ego, money, sex and thought control live in the world of illusion. When one sees through the illusion, one sees that love is stronger than hate, that love heals while hate destroys. The world of illusion is the world of separateness. The world of truth embraces all as one and brings us all together in a world of love. Any belief, any religion, that would separate you from that oneness of God should not receive your energy.

It is not enough to see and understand only in your mind. Experience is profound. If your experience is one of God you will be filled up. Your tank will be full, and with all that extra octaine you can light travel to heaven. We must work consciously to open up our fourth chakra, that of the heart. Our planet desperately needs heart work.

We are loved unconditionally and we have been given free will to create our desires. We have been given this beautiful planet upon which to live with a perfect nature to nourish us. Every food that we could ever need is growing right in front of us. Any ailment that we could create, there is already a natural growing herb to alleviate the imbalance. We are loved so unconditionally that when we are cut or injured we heal. No charge. Look at the delicate balance between the plants and the people, between the trees and the people. The people breathe in the oxygen given off by the plants, the trees are major. And the plants and trees breathe in the the carbon dioxide given off by the people. What a perfect balance. Can you imagine the people cutting down the trees? It's like they would be cutting their own throats. Everyone running around gagging for a breath of fresh air, when the air isn't breathable anymore, and all asking why is this happening?

As we evolve from the trappings of the mind and the base chakras, we begin to see that actually love is not something that we feel for each other, but rather a state of being. The world is slowly evolving into the heart center. The mind is so strong to the uninitiated person. Preoccupation with self interest is keeping these people from raising their consciousness, and of being any real help to the worlds situation. People are afraid to let go of where they are, and they hold on tight to what they are not.

Let go and be still. Fear not, and take refuge in that spirit within you. Know that your soul desires only to return to God, and that you have a natural tendency to return to being one with God when your mind is not engaged in thought. As you reach your heart chakra level, and can see beyond yourself, you become an asset to the world. At this level can one create change for the betterment of humanity, and do world service.

Being aware of your breath, will help open your heart center. As your box of thoughts become higher thoughts, purer thoughts, the heart center opens a direct pathway to God. The breath is the living word of God in you. Being aware of your breath connects you to your own rhythm, to the rhythm of God. Any particular point at any particular space is a direct pathway to God. Like with the mind/ body, at any point of the body, you will find the mind. At any point you will find God.

A direct pathway to God.... Language of the perceiver. Perceiving through the mind. . . .All limited projections.... at every point is God...The percever must be transcended, the method transcended, the technique must be transcended, the ritualization of any "being aware of" must be transcended. The moment must be free of any embellishments by the mind. Any repeated, ritualized pattern of behavior must be left behnd for there to be any experience of true being, of pure consciousness.

We must work on our ascension constantly consciously.That means that we must work constantly to raise our consciousness, our awareness, our level of being. The mind seeks attatachnent... attatchment to anything and everything. Attatch youself to your breath. Follow your breath with your heart, your deepest feelings, your intuition. That power within will open up to you. Your balance will be restored.

Being as one with your breath is the support for your being. The foundation upon which to build your future dreams. This living word supports consciousness. Being in the word, all creations sparkle with the light of God, and we become aware of higher senses. Higher frequencies of vibration that we can focus upon, to complete the picture of who we really are.

We are light beings with surround sound. We are all vibrating at different levels of being, according to our awareness of God. Some of us dense as a rock, with a slower vibratory rate. As we raise our level of being through our heart center, our vibratory rate quickens and becomes lighter. Our senses are heightened through the drifting away of thoughts. These thoughts contain our whole world in a box. The drifting away of these thoughts is facilitated by being in the word, by being in the awareness of your breath.

All of these things that you do, you do to start the energy in motion toward God. Once your awareness is established in God your energy will flow as pure grace. Once we find that higher energy, we know that we have returned home, and staying centered becomes second nature. It no longer is something that we do but something that we are.

Once we become established within our center, unattached to thought, thoroughly God conscious, can we truly create, as the thought becomes creation. For the higher good he will is manifested. The higher good! There is a magician in india, who, if approached with love and understanding, will extend the empty palm of his hand to show you something being manifested in front of your eyes, to show you that such a power exists within yourself, through the unconditional love that we find ourselves living within.

The higher good, doing Gods work. All paths work through service. Service to humanity.This is where the action is. This is the love plane. All actions at this level of being are unselfish in nature, being based totally in unconditional love. It is this level of being that we must strive. Only when all humanity has reached this plane of living will we totally understand what our true possibilities are.

As we fine tune our senses, we find that literally they are doorways to God. Lucky for us, since we live in our senses. All of our experiences come through our senses, and we trust each and every one of them implicitly, because together they give us our reality. The only problem being all of our senses are bedazzled by the glitter and glamor of this world that we live in. Never having seen anything else it has become all they know, and their attatachment.

As you are centered in the word, that power within your breath, your senses will see something so totally new that they will overwhelmingly be attracted to this new reality, and let go of what they thought was real. Your senses will fine tune.

More fine tuning...let's take your sense of hearing. If you found a nice quiet place to sit, without distraction of noise, you could listen the silence that is so the sound of the universe within.... to the sound of an eternal river.... to the primal sound of God breathing. Simply place your focus of hearing at the center of your two ears, inside your head. Listen at this point. If you have difficulty coming in from the outside, you could plug up your ears with your fingers or use ear plugs. Eventually you will be able to listen inside at will. Of course if you are heavily atttached to the outside world, you won't be able to spend any time there, because your mind will drag you off to play. Most people don't have the patience to sit still because they'll say that they have too many things to do, and they'll say "oh, it takes too much time." The mind will continually give you a million excuses to keep you from being still. Buddha took the time to be still.

The sense of taste?....Nectar of the soul...Jesus told the woman at the well that if she drank from the water of the eternal well, she would not thirst again. This eternal well is within you. You can taste of this eternal water, literally. The eternal fountain that rejuvinates the body. This is for the true yogi, the one who has dedicated their life to knowing and serving God. Through practice you could bend your tongue upwards and back past the uvula and up into the upper throat. Where one drop would send you into ecstacy. There have been people so intent on tasting nectar, that they have cut the cord under their tongue, so that the tongue could stay in this new position rather permanently. This is not advised. Not talking and a hard time eating are the side effects. But if you are serious in your efforts to know this aspect of God, your tongue will gently stretch to this new position with gentle practice. You have been here you are coming into this world...your tongue is in this position. Nectar is the fountain of youth. But this fountain cannot be found by the impure at heart, nor can it be found by one not aspiring to God, or one who is not sincere. Nectar is created from our being in a state of love. From our active, conscious working toward enlightenment, toward being one with God.

We've got two good eyes and still can't see!... Two eyes that always look outward for the answers to everything and the mind backing it up with constant thoughts of support. This is what we have been taught since the beginning of time. Sorry it has all been a lie. This world that we have created is not the real thing. You believe it to be so because no one has ever shown you anything different. This is not a highly advanced civilization that we find ourselves in. In fact it's stuck in a rut. It's trapped between a rock and a hard place because it cannot escape what it has created. It cannot see beyond what it thinks. The mind thinks it is all and everything. The ego will say "Yes, I am all and everything and there is nothing beyond me" Losing your ego is finding yourself. The ego is trapped inside the box of thoughts. Its very existence is created by thought. Lifetime after lifetime the people are trapped in the box of thoughts with nowhere to go. This book is showing you somewhere to go.... Inside yourself to find your eternal spirit. Once you set the energy into motion all else will follow. This book is sharing with you mysteries that are usually passed between teacher and student on the spiritual path. It is felt that since the time is critical at this particular time in Earths evolution, the sharing of this knowledge is vital. It must be stressed that usually this information is shared over a period of time in a working relationship of spiritual energy and it is shared in an atmosphere of unconditional love. For the truth to be known, it must be experienced.

Two eyes, have we been given for our sense of sight, two eyes that must become one. One eye with omni vision. Situated approximately between the eyebrows and a little inward lies the location of your command center, the ajna chakra or center. This is the location of your third eye, the site of transcendent vision. When you look inside and your two eyes focus at that point, they crossover and become one. This is God net. This is the elevator that takes you to the top floor. This is the center of your sixth sense, your psychic sense. This is your color television site, the place to see energy in action, your omni vision.The place to see your thoughts float by. Thoughts have a beginning and an end. They come and go through your attachment and your identification with these thoughts. As they are released they dissipate and disappear. What emerges is what was there all the time, pure energy. This process can be seen with your transcendent vision at the ajna center of your being. The light of God is experienced at this energy center. The light of God is at the center of the word.

This will take some getting used to. Lifetimes have you spent always looking outward, so every attempt at looking inward is going to be met with resistance from your mind. Simply sit still, with your back straight, close your eyes and follow your breath. Relax... simply be still and follow your breath... when you are relaxed and centered in the word, with your eyes closed simply raise your vision to the point between your eyebrows. You are looking inside, slightly above the center of your eyebrows, slightly inside of that to a point your eyes will naturally and comfortably converge and become as one divine eye. Focus your vision there. Relax... follow your breath...and observe....

Your mind will give you a million reasons to do something else...As your attatchment to your thoughts lessen, the reasons drop off until you find your thoughts actually have spaces between them that Gods world is shining through. If you are not in a state of love then fear is your guiding principle. Fear breeds attachment, and in that state there are no spaces between your thoughts. If we won't let God in, that means we have built our defensive walls so rigid with thought that they have become like rock that you carry around with yourself. It is so easy to relax inside yourself, to find that higher source if we can let go of thought. Once we have this desire to know God, fear drops away. As we work consciously toward knowing God, our thoughts are transfomed into higher, wiser thoughts that eventually become under your control instead of you being under mind control.

~Chapter Four~

The world is under mind control. Unenlightened minds controlling the world. Minds that view themselves and all else as separate things in this world. Minds that are believing in ego and separation have created.....World wide starvation and homelessness....Economies and personal fortunes made and run as a result of others misfortunes....Nuclear bi-products that cannot be undone....Radioactive testing on humans without their knowledge. All unenlightened actions. All of Gods beautiful nature creatures being destroyed....The beautiful rain forests all designed by God to balance the environment, the atmosphere, the air that we breathe. All being destroyed. All senseless unenlightened actions. All done by people who haven't quite figured it all out. The environmental pollutants. All of these actions deny God. They deny your rights as Gods children. These actions are out of balance with the whole universal plan. We need to be aware of our God self to stop senseless actions as these. We need a radical revolution in consciousness. And we need it now.

This is easily done.... as one by one the boxes come undone and the clear light shines through. As thought eases into higher thought, the movement begins...The moving of energy..... As thought passes through the environment, the movement slows. As thought fills up the environment, the movement stops. When thought leaves the environment the movement begins. As thought fills up the box the movement stops....This is about everything in your field of vision, being observed as energy in movement. There is no movement with the ego, the me myself and I. Thought destroys movement. Love creates movement. As movement emerges, ego disappears. As ego appears, movement disappears. Do you follow this?

Exactly where you are, look at what you see. Just imagine that everything you see in your environment starts moving. Not as individual items but the whole picture that you see is movement of energy. Formed energy becoming formless, that is, energy changing before your eyes as one energy moving through all and everything. This is a high state of being that you will observe yourself evolve into as you go beyond thought. Now continue your imagination of this movement of energy. At this time your heart will be telling you and your intuition will be telling you, that this is the most true understanding that you have ever had in your life. All is still in movement. At this time your mind thinks "yeah this is cool".... and the movement of energy begins to slow down....So you center yourself....Everything is moving nicely now. The movement continues... Then you think, "yeah I can really do this"... and the energy immediately slows the movement....the movement is barely happening now...Then the mind thinks "Yeah, i've really got a handle on this now"... And the movement of energy stops....As the mind thinks on, the movement of energy is non existent....

This is why your experience of God is so important. This is why it is so important to be the master of yourself so you can see through the unreal, that the real might shine. You can't let anyone tell you about God. Why would you want to? Why would you want to cheat yourself out of your own divine experience?

Ever notice how easy love flows? There is no tension in love. The big and mighty bow in the face of love. All doors open to you through love. The movement of energy does not happen unless you are in a state of love. Angry people, hateful people, violent people, these people are locked so tightly into their thoughts, through fear, as are all people who are constantly talking, constantly monopolizing, egoizing, etc. etc. and et cetera. Ever see how much work it is to be angry and hateful? These people huff and puff and have to work quite hard to pull their scene off. Why?...Because its against the law of nature, against the law of God. It's even hard to frown.

Can you begin to see through the fog? Can you see how we elude ourselves so easily? Can you see how we hold onto the very things that we want to let go of? Once you shift your focus from outside to inside in your quest, once we embrace love above all else in all of our actions, will things come into perspective. It's our belief that we are separate from everything that keeps us hanging out with thought. Our belief that all the world is a bunch of things and a bunch of people, and thats all there is and nothing more, and then you die, can only be changed by experience.

We must have a God experience to change our perspective. We must experience that higher consciousness, have a sampling so to speak, to make us realize that there is something more. Once we have the initial experience, or initiation, all of your energy will re-establish it's orientation. Your soul will rejoice, and this new found awareness will work to keep the connection intact. In that moment of discovery, there is no thought. There is no past, no future, no present...only pure consciousness. For there to be a past, present, or future, there has to be an observer observing the moment. To transend the observer is to transcend thought. To transcend thought, simply do it. You are the soul director of your whole universe of energy.

There are no excuses anymore for not having your universe in proper order. To be hung up, stuck in a rut, or stagnate is to be living in the dark ages. To deny the existence of a higher source, is to be walking around with a bag over your head, not experiencing anything other than that. To be totally self absorbed in your ego is a total waste of time and the sign of a true idiot. Excuse please... the sign of one who has not yet looked beyond the surface value of things.

It's this wasting away of time that is the contributing factor of low level consciousness and the current trend in the destruction of the earth. And it is the continued thinking that we are this body and we are this ego and nothing more, that keeps us from progressing. The world is lost in self absorbtion and cannot see beyond itself. This world is at a critical juncture. Too involved with surface glamor and in playing the game, while the decline of the earth is happening right before our eyes. We have done irreparable damage to the ecosystem balance. The continued release of radiation into the atmosphere over the years from testing, nuclear plant leaks, lab leaks, discharges into the air, discharges into rivers and the sea, continued pollution by every known toxin ....... too much..... tooo much.

This earth by design would take care of any ecosystem imbalance that would happen if its inhabitants followed the natural laws of nature. If you cut yourself, you heal. It is Gods law. If you keep cutting yourself over and over, soon your whole body will be full of cuts. Your backside, your front side, nothing but cuts everywhere and the blood is pouring out. At this time you have gone beyond what your body can heal by itself. It can heal itself but it is going to need some help, like someone will have to sew you up because some of the cuts are pretty deep.

Where does all of the pollution go?....It's in the atmosphere, it's in the oceans, the rivers, the ground that you walk on, the air that you breathe, the water that you drink, the food that you eat. Literaly it ends up in you....... Notice how all of the weather conditions all over the earth have changed since you were a kid? Its all cause and effect here. Notice how all of the rainforests have disappeared at the same time? Notice how the hole in the ozone layer keeps getting bigger as a direct result of burning fossil fuels. Notice how the oil companies have such a monopoly on the government that electric cars always were stuffed under the carpet until lately. Notice how forms of alternate energy that heal the earth have been dumped by your government in praise of more nuclear power whose residue cannot be delt with except to bury it someplace and worry about it later. When later is upon us and all of the containment walls have crumbled and the pollution is coming out of your ears, and you have two heads in a bizarre mutant transfiguration of radiation therapy.........will you do something then? Then will be too late.

Now it is at the stage where we can see it happening. Guess how long it has been happening before we could actually see it? And as it goes along it gathers energy and momentum. The polar ice caps melting? Global warming? "Not in my time", most people say. Problem is these people will be back and it is going to be their time. And because they didn't do anything in their last incarnation, what they have to deal with this next lifetime will be even more severe. The young people on the street, wasting time away, doing nothing and seeing no future. They'll say "Hey we didn't do it, it's not our fault". Some of them didn't do anything the last time either, some of them, if they were aware of it, haven't awakened from the illusion yet. The kids of this lifetime were the adults of the last time around. Just because it's not going to happen in your lifetime doesn't mean that you won't be exposed to it in the next lifetime. You might not remember being here before but you have, many lifetimes. You may look different, act different, but it's still you. The real you.... The you that is eternal...your soul that has experienced everything from the beginning, that has been your constant companion since the beginning, that remembers every thought and every feeling that you have ever experienced in every life time that you have taken.

So then, there you are again, taking another incarnation and being born right into a real messy situation on earth. And then you think,"how could anyone let this happen"? It's all our responsibility, because we have created it through our negligence, over many lifetimes. The law of karma will have us clean up our messes, and be responsible for what we create. So we keep coming back to clean up our messes. Only we get lost in thought, lost in our minds and the real work never gets done. Lifetime after lifetime has been wasted without our awareness of God.

This is why it is so important to understand who you are, and act accordingly, so we can heal the earth, so that we can heal ourselves, so that we might embrace our essence.

~Chapter Five~

Essence is......what we must bring to the forefront of our earthly existence. If our foundation is made of bricks of thought, we will never find our essence. You cannot think your way to essence....This awareness of God and the acknowledgement of our essence must be the guiding force in every thing that we do... for there to be any real work done. Denial of what is real will not bring relief to those suffering from what is unreal. All of our problems come from that which is unreal.

Health, happiness and prosperity are a direct result of getting beyond the unreal. This realization of God is not something that you think about, and reach a conclusion, with an understanding based on thought. No way. This should be an earth moving experience for you, one in which you literally see your perceptions change and the energy move. Through love, humbleness of attitude, wisdom of the heart and higher mind, you control the movement of energy. You control the movement of God. If your thoughts are tied together one thought after another thought, you will miss lifes biggest treasure. You will miss the ultimate reward.

If you are in a state of fear you will be locked into your mind controlled box of thoughts with no way out. If you are in a state of love there is no need to think. Nothing to fear and nothing to prove. Once you can give up thought will you be able to think as God. Once you have gone beyond thought will you see what is real.

You will still be, if there is no thought. People fear the thought of giving up thought, that they might...not exist or disappear even from the face of the earth. It is true that your ego won't exist, and it's true that you might disappear completely, but its's only your physical manifestation that will disappear. The real you is still very much in presence, vibrating beyond what your physical eyes can comprehend. If you were to stand in front of a friend and transcend thought that person would tell you that you completely disappeared during that time. You simply released your hold on your physical plane presence and were vibrating on another level of being. During sleep we hang out in the astral plane with our visions and dreams. The astral body will leave the physical body and travel unrestricted, into a world of fanciful flights and projections. We totally create our dreams on this plane, there are no restrictions or limitations, and we create at will, literally flying if we so choose. The astral plane as well as the physical plane are illusory in nature. That is, their true nature is not what it appears to be. Both are worlds of masks and illusions. We freely travel between these planes on a daily basis.

As we move closer in our awareness of God we discover other levels of our being. The foundation of our being, that of God, is where our soul desires to return to. If we truly know who we are, moving between the different levels, or planes of being is second nature. It is simply our nature to return to consciousness.

If we go to the ocean, and stand by the waves that come crashing in, we can feel the awesome presence of all that ocean. If we look at all that's happening... ...foaming water, powerful waves crashing on the beach, crashing waves against the rocks....calm pools of water that have been trapped by the rocks or sand...further out it looks like a different ocean, entirely smooth and even a different color. But it's one ocean, not a whole lot of different kinds of water making up that ocean, even though it appears to be so. If we separated one drop of that ocean water from that gigantic ocean we would find that the drop of water is complete. It has all of the properties of the rest of that ocean. It is exactly the same. When returned to that mighty ocean it too becomes that mighty ocean, and you cannot see any separation between that drop and the rest of the ocean.

Our soul is likened to this description of that drop in the ocean. We are completely filled up with high octane. We have exactly the same qualities of God. We are that drop of God out of Gods infinite ocean. And when we return to that infinite ocean, we become mighty, we move as one. Observe that drop of water by itself. Although beautiful in nature as it is, its true nature is not discovered until it returns to the ocean from where it came. Then it becomes the mighty ocean. We are a mighty ocean of people who can move as one when we return to consciousness, when we become one with God.

When we transcend thought we open the door to God, our soul becomes one with the creator, and becomes overjoyed. Our individual drop of God jumps into the sea of God. All is one. At this point health, happiness, prosperity and enlightenment are flowing in your life.

We create everything in our life; our situation, our health, our wealth, our state of mind. If we are living in the box of thoughts, we are not aware of the power of our thoughts and feelings. We create our hell, we create our heaven, we create our suffering and sickness, and we create our healing. All of this do we create with our thoughts and feelings. At any point of your body will you find the mind, at any point of your body will you find God, at any point of your body will you find your thoughts and feelings. Your thoughts and feelings directly influence everything that is going on in your energy field. The same old thoughts over and over again create the same pattern of behavior over and over that will create a stagnate pool of disbelief that will turn into ill health and cancer. As your experience of God deepens, your thoughts will become elevated, and eventually will become pure. Impure thoughts are those thoughts that do not have the awareness of God within them, thoughts that are devoid of consciousness. Thoughts and feelings that do not have the awareness of God within them are wasted energy, going nowhere. Trapped within their own self created, limited framework of the box of thoughts, they cannot escape the box they have created.

All of your body, at every part, at every level, responds to your thoughts and feelings. All of the universe, at every part, at every level, responds to your thoughts and feelings. For all of your lifetimes, have you thought and felt your way through every situation that your soul has experienced. Very powerful , these thoughts and feeings, they have built your whole world.....

Sickness, means that the electrical / magnetic energy of our body is out of balance. The energy has become stagnate, fixated and non moving at some location. "God like" thoughts and feelings can make that energy move again. The energy if it is left to stagnate, will turn into disease, will turn into cancer. The unenlightened thoughts and feelings feed this condition and reinforce it as being real. And thus it becomes your reality.

There are many ways to get this energy moving again. There is that dynamic healing known as faith, there is the power of your own thoughts and feelings to move energy, there is acupunture, acupressure, chinese herbs, magnetic therapy, energy healers, massage therapists and much more. But strongest of all is the power of your own belief, as you believe so shall it be.....

Most people believe for thirty seconds and then disbelieve for the rest of the time, so nothing happens. Only more sickness and more suffering. How to believe for more than thirty seconds? Invite God into your heart, Let go of thought and re-establish yourself in God. Seat yourself firmly within the word, that power within your breath, and re-orientate your life with your energy always being centered within. Become unattatched to anything and everything. Express your wisdom through love. Dedicate your actions, your life, to God and the higher good. All else will open up unto you, instantaineously.

Thought will say that there is only thought and nothing else. Your intuition will tell you that there is something more. Faith will open the door to the experience that will verify your intuitive feeling. All of the information, all of the knowledge, all of the thoughts that describe and inform you of hidden mysteries.....let them go....let everything go... hold on to nothing, absolutely nothing.... be completely vulnerable and sacred.....and see what happens.....

There are those people who think that knowing God will make them a wimp. They will say, "Naw, let me have the real world, and all of the action, don't give me none of that do-goody stuff".....The best is yet to come for these individuals. There are people who will spit in your face and there are people who will shoot you over a parking space, or whatever. All of this rage and road kill is from a mind that cannot see anything other than the crazyness it has created. It sees no way out of the mess and lives in total fear because everything is getting worse, and the only thing left is to die.

We are so close and yet so far away. Just a few thoughts from eternity. For some people getting rid of a few thoughts simply means focusing the energy in a certain way, and pure consciousness emerges. The hardcore egos are so attached to the physical realm and the insanity that they have created, that they have locked out God. Mostly the way that these people get a glimpse of God is for a major calamity to happen to their physical body. One in which they exclaim that they were floating above their physical body in a body of white light. They could see the physical body laying there, but they were floating above it, and saw themselves surrounded by light, and free of pain.

Too many people believe that we don't see God until we have such a calamity. Not so.... All of your power is accessable at any time. God is your power. Your consciousness is high or low because of what you choose in your life. How much of the lie do you support versus how much of the truth you do support. At any given second, enlightenment or ignorance is your choice. At every second, change is happening, being fueled by your thoughts and feelings, and the will of your desire. At every second you have the control of the energy to see it open up and unfold before your very eyes, or to see it shut down by thought. Your desire and attachment to the world will drag the veil of maya over your earthly eyes, and hide from you that which is right in front of your face.

You simply awaken yourself to the higher power. The higher power is the cure for everything, as so many teachers have pointed out throughout history. The mind is craving thought, attached to thought, and natural to itself there is this craving for........ an attachment to.......The mind is naturally addictive. Be it to thought, or drugs like cigarettes, or all of the illnesses. Any thing within its mind / body domain that it can control. You are not your ego. You are consciousness. The ego is the projected hologram of the mind, that is based in thought. If you ever would sit down and try to figure it all out with thought you would find one roadblock after another and end up in the same place which is nowhere. You must transcend thought to find your power and understanding. Once you walk in that direction, and as you open up your consciousness, and God becomes your reality, your mind will become attached to God very easily.

You simply awaken to your natural essence, and the mind will serve you instead of you being the servant of the mind. Once the mind is attached to God then your physical addictions will drop away. The healing light of the heart chakra will carry you upon the river of Gods grace. Once you are aware of God, and your desire changes from the outside things to the inside realm, all of the energy flows in that direction, and all things become possible.

Addictions and attachments will not drop away if we are dependent on thought. We are dependent upon thought if we have not experienced God. We are dependent upon everything in the illusion to maintain our separateness and our selfishness. If we see ourselves as separate from everything then our selfishness has been manifested. If we see ourselves as separate then we have isolated suffering, sickness and death within ourselves with the obvious conclusion.

We have spent whole lifetimes being dependent upon one thing or another throughout the whole time. This is not freedom. This is not your true nature. Holding on to something or someone is not freedom. To be free, hold on to nothing; no dogmas, no beliefs, no thoughts, no dependencies, no thing...... the mind will become still...and you will see... all things described will be known and understood, and the symphony of God will be moving in your heart, literally within and without.

Drugs will not give you enlightenment, only more dependency. The pure joy of freedom only comes when there is no relying on anything, no holding on to anything, no dependence upon anything. We've run the gamut of things in the physical world, it's time to take stock of the situation and go for the real treasure. It's not in the physical world that you will find this treasure, but beyond, through, within that which is obvious, do you find the light of consciousness.

If we think that the illusion is real we create suffering and sickness. If we believe in the unreal we create our hardships, our trials and tribulations. If we are centered within the breath, we are centered in the experience of the moment, and will not be affected by beliefs and illusions.

One of the greatest amazing things is the energy transformation that happens when you are focused within your breath. The greatest natural high. You can see the vibrational rate change as you take your energy from going outward and bring it to awareness within your breath. The gross becomes subtle. The vibrations quicken and radiate with light. You lose your hard edge of separateness and blend in more with the field of energy around you.

This is a real treasure. If you are centered within your breath, all of your actions are balanced and in tune with nature. What has been missing is finally found. Now all of the things that you do will have that consciousness awareness within. It will be providing the foundation upon which to function as you unfold your life. Life is full of teaching at every second if you will open unto it. If you are centered within your breath, the clouds will part so that you may see your opportunities as they come. If we are centered in thought, we miss the whole show.

It is important to understand this access to God that we have. This direct access to God. This is your saving grace. Your path to the magic carpet ride. True wisdom unfolds directly to those that will access their own connection to God. Religions will make you follow like sheep and be trapped in ritual and belief in that which is outside yourself. Your true empowerment lies in the land of God, within yourself. It lies in the ability that you have to go within and to transcend thought. The easy ability that you have to turn the outward flow of energy around and redirect that energy inwards to the source.

We must learn to trust ourselves and become fearless. Fearless of the presence of God. Fearless of the experience of God. Fearless in giving up that which you think you are. If you thought that you were, will you think that you are and also that you will be? Probably, but if you are in a God conscious state, the thoughts will pass by without you being attached and holding on to them. The thoughts will dissipate. The experience of God immediately fills your heart with joy, nothing to fear. The experience of thinking, will not fill your heart with such joy. The ego maintained by thought, lives in insecurity and fear. The experience of God will give you everlasting security, and you will be fearless. Fearlessness is very important in the transition of taking the next level of your being, upon the retirement of your present physical body. For through fear your hell is created. By knowing God there will be no fear, only joy and understanding during your transition and during the fullness of your lifetime.

Organized religion is responsible for leading the people away from God. The sunday church so full of ritual and the obediantly following masses who sit there with an uncomfortable look on their faces. Or perhaps a sunday "come to meetin" feeling with talk of the past and talk of the future. Hell and high water preaching of how bad we are and where we will be going in the future.... Nothing of the present moment and how to be free right now. Notice how all are lost in thought and do not realize it. A mind that is lost in scripture, that is holding on to scripture is not free. When we become free, we become the living God. Those that are lost in thought, even religious thought are stuck in a rut.

The most precious thing is the moment. When the moment is free of thought, God is. The young may not understand this but they can feel it. Notice how the kids don't like to go to church? Where is God? All there is, is a lot of thoughts with no way out. No experience of the now. Condemnation teachers. God is now. God does not condemn, God does not judge, God is unconditional love.

We must be within the moment to be free. Are you right now, within the moment without thought? Notice how, when someone is talking to you, your mind is thinking ahead with what you want to say when that person is finished talking? But then when you totally listen to someone, without any of your thoughts, notice the shift in energy? We must become aware that we are this energy, and know the change that happens when we shift our reliance from thought to the higher source.

Where is this experience of God? Not within religions, not in some church on a certain day; but within you. Within you, wherever you go, and at all times. Not for some future reference point but to be experienced right now. The mass of people that are being led like sheep has reached critical proportions. Mind control is rampant in religions, with all being lost in the realm of thought. All have made interpretations based in thought, instead of experience. Religionists are teachers of past history, present gloom, and future expectations in the world of thought. No one is aware of being in a world of thought or why they would want to go beyond thought. All of the people following are equally duped and will fight for the right to be unaware.

How come so many people are waiting for someone to come and save them? They are being taught that, and led to believe that it will happen in some future glorious day that they should wait for. How many teachers have to come before us, before we understand? The teaching is and always has been the very same truth. That you are that light of God. Presented to you in various tongues and at different times in history when the need was great. We do not want to wait any longer for some glorious day in the future. The future is now. And why would you want to put off your glorious day when that day can be everyday?

Some people sit with sour faces and a miserable life waiting for that day to come. Then when the physical body can't wait any longer they take a wall of confusion and a box full of fear with themselves as they slip into their body of light. The only thing they know they hold on to, but it's their downfall, because now they don't have their physical body and they still have to sort out their box full of fears. Scarry monsters....

The so called second coming is simply that light of consciousness made manifest within yourself, through your effort and hard work. That plane of light consciousness that all of the great masters have taught from and continue to do so. That plane of consciousness that all people evolve unto, as soon as they undo the veil of maya.

It's so sad that most words go in one ear and out the other. You tell some one about the glory of God and where to look for their consciousness and It's like to no avail sometimes. In one ear and out the other. They will look at you, listen to you, but when they speak to you it's like no one was at home when every thing happened. So words alone do not make an understanding. To make an understanding, you need an experience. To get the experience you can use your desire, if it be pure. To really desire something, it has got to be something really good. Right? Everyone has their favorite desires. Power, money, sex, drugs, material things, success ....whatever. What do they all have in common? The feeling, the rush the high that the person gets from the desire. Add all the highs up and what do you get? A mighty big high huh? Gargantuous, a high that couldn't be topped right? the ultimate high? Wrong, wrong, wrong. This high is low.....These highs don't even get off the ground.

The ultimate adventure, the ultimate trip, the ultimate high....the only way that you can raise your consciousness is through God. And God will give you the experience of your lifetime. Why? Because God is all there is, and God is waiting for you to find yourself.

All of this talk is supposed to whet your appetite to something so magical within you, that you will check it out for yourself. It's hard to imagine something satisfying all of your desires, but it's true. It"s hard to imagine that by focusing on that power within the breath, something so simple, that it would have such an astounding effect on your consciousness. But it's true. It's hard to imagine that a state of bliss is waiting for you when you figure out how to get beyond thought........but it's true.

Foundation work is very important. To establish yourself in the word, within the breath, as your common awareness point in all of your daily activities is a must. That way whatever circumstance you encounter, you will be rooted in Gods energy, and you will not fail. You can deal with any and every situation, and walk forth without fear. As you work on higher aspects of God, being centered within your breath is the opening door to higher consciousness.

Then we come back to this planet earth that we live on and our responsibility to it and all life upon it. We are the keepers, and we are the keepers of the light. We must bring this light of God into conscious awareness upon the earth, so that the balance is restored. At that point the people will be aware of their consciousness and we can work as one to heal the earth...

~Chapter Six~

Let's talk about healing ourselves with affirmations. If you think something, the energy will start to move in that direction. If you think the same thought again, the whole universe will back you up, and it becomes your reality. In that particular energy the vibratory rate slows down and becomes manifest into form. Your belief has been created by your re-occurring thoughts and feelings about a certain condition or situation. Just as we create our situations and our conditions, we can also create our healing.

Affirmations use creative visualization to bring about a healthy change of energy. A change in energy attitude, or a reinforcement of existing conditions is possible. Affirmations are good to start your day with, and to end your day with, and maybe a reminder in between if you feel necessary. Some examples:

Focus on your breath. Follow your breath as it comes in and as it goes out, and then say to yourself and to the world, while visualizing what you are saying.....................This body is a temple of Gods grace and miraculous healing energy. As the breath comes in, all health and harmony is being restored. As the breath goes out, all impurities and imbalances are released. As the breath comes in, this body is filled with Gods healing light. As the breath goes out, all toxins and disease are eliminated. As the breath comes in balance is restored..........Thank you God. ............

As the breath is in, there is healing. As the breath is out, there is healing. As the breathing is in, there is healing. As the breathing is out, there is healing. As this perfect breath comes in, there is only God. As this divine universe breathes out, all is in perfect harmony. There is only love, there is only health and happiness. As this breath is coming in, there is perfect healing. There is only healing, and good health. As this breath is going out, all is in balance............Thank you God. ............

This body is filled with light and conscious God energy. This gloriously created [knee] is so magnificent and full of Gods energy at every second. This injury of [torn muscles and ligaments] will reconnect and grow healthy and strong due to Gods amazing healing grace. At every second, Gods healing is taking place with the regeneration of [muscle tissue and connective tissue]. This [knee] is full of light, is surrounded by light, and is covered with healing light at all times. As each step is taken in love and light, the steps become strong. As faith shines in the heart, Gods healing is done........Thank you God. ............

Through the grace of God, this body is free from sickness and disease. This body that is full of light has no room for any kind of cancer or stagnate energy. All of the energy in this body is moving and alive. There is no room for dieing energy. All of the dieing energy has been cast out. All of the stricken energy has been cast out. All of the energy that remains is full, active, and vital. God that is alive in this body, is this body and there is only pure healing energy. There is no dead energy, all of the dead energy has been cast off. This body is free from sickness and disease. This body has been healed through the grace of God. Thank you dear God......

Your affirmations are as strong as your belief and will power. There is only the power of God and what you will do with it. If you sit on the street, and say that you need a quarter, the whole universe will back you up and support your position of needing a quarter. Of being in need. If on the other hand you realize that the nature of nature is abundance, you likewise will be in abundance.

The holy breath, your breath of life, is full of abundance and is your door to good health and higher consciousness. There are breathing exercises that help to align the physical body. The discussion about three of these exercises will assist you in balancing the physical body.

Most people breathe shallow breaths in their daily life. Due to so many things like tension, stress, fear and the shallowness of some minds. When we breathe shallow breaths, we always have an old amount of used air that never gets out of our lungs. Carbon dioxide that makes you dull and dim witted, because of its lack of oxygen. A long healthfull life will reap you the reward for deep breathing. An older gentleman upon being questioned about his longevity, replied by taking in a deep breath as he expanded his chest to huge proportions. Firefighters, to pass their test, have to take in so much air that their chest is expanded by as much as six inches.

This first exercise will work on deep breathing and chest expansion. This is for all around good health, stability and positive state of mind. Start by sitting in a comfortable position with your back straight, your hands palms down upon your knees / legs. Relax. Breathe in through both nostrils, bringing the air into the chest cavity while expanding the chest as much as you can comfortably. Hold the breath momentarily, and then release through your mouth, blowing it out naturally and comfortably until all of the air is squeezed out of your stomach. Relax deeper. Think only of your breath coming in through both nostrils, filling up the chest cavity to expansion, holding it momentarily and then releasing the air through your mouth as you are blowing it out in a relaxed manner. Follow the breath until it is all expelled from the stomach. Relax. Follow the breath in through both nostrils, up into the expanded chest, and then rest momentarily, while you become the breath. Follow the breath back out through the mouth that is blowing it out. Relax...repeat a few times or more and then relax deeper and flow with your breath. Become that breath....and open yourself to God.

This next exercise, called various names such as bellows breath or breath of fire, is a little more like dynamic breathing. This is a very aggressive breathing exercise that will build up the heart and lungs but is not for the faint of heart. This exercise pushes toward exhaustion with the goal being the release that comes upon relaxing. At this point you are open to an experience of God......Sit in a chair like before, with your back straight, or you can sit on the floor as if you were kneeling on a surfboard, with your legs under you. Reach out and place your hands on your knees as you sit and relax. Center yourself in your breath, and breathe in and out briskly through your nose, with your mouth closed. Focus on what you are doing. Now breathe in and out vigorously and rapidly. Now increase the depth of your breathing, while you are breathing vigorously and rapidly. At this point, take a deep breath through your nose and while blowing the air out of your mouth, bend over slowly until your upper body is resting on your legs and the breath is completely eliminated through the mouth. At this point take a big breath through your nose while raising your upper body back to its sitting upright position. Take in this big breath and expand your lungs, then relax while you slowly expel the breath via blowing it slowly out the mouth. Close your eyes and relax and center within your breath... relax..

As you begin this exercise, only breathe rapidly for a few times. Go through the cycle and observe. Then when the cycle becomes fluid, increase the number of times you breathe rapidly, until you can comfortably do between fifteen and thirty rapid breaths in your cycle. After your first cycle, sitting with your back straight, you center in your breath, relax and yourself to the universe.

You might want to do two or three cycles in a row before you relax and observe, or you might not. Just start easy and become comfortable and flowing before you increase your rapid breathing or the number of cycles before you relax, center and observe.

The third breathing exercise is for cleansing, purifying, and alignment, of the physical plane body. It is also for cleaning out energy blockages up and down the chakras. This is a precision tuning breathing exercise. Sit as before, or you can sit crossed legged with your back straight, just be comfortable. In this breathing exercise we begin by breathing in the right nostril only. Your hands can be as before or you can turn the palms up, or you may sit in a meditative posture with the hands in a perfection point mudra. Your eyes should be closed. Eventually you will be able to do this exercise sitting like this, but at first it will take you some time to be able to control your breathing in one nostril at a time. So for now use the index finger of your left hand and plug up your left nostril. Breathe in your right nostril and bring the breath in slowly, and as you are breathing in, visualize your breath going up your nostril, up inside your head to the top of your crown and crossing over to the left side. Release the left nostril, and plug up your right nostril as the breath comes down the left nostril slowly. Bring the breath down to the third chakra level [the level of the belly button], and let the breath settle there. Now bring the breath back up the left nostril, up the left channel to the top of the crown chakra [the seventh major and highest chakra] and cross over to the right side. Plug up left nostril and come down the right channel through the right nostril and down to the belly level. Allow the breath to settle there as before. Slowly bring the breath back up the right side and continue as before. Repeat as one continuously flowing exercise. Soon, with practice and concentration, you will be able to do this exercise without using your hands.

Notice how you are away from thought while you do this exercise. You totally have to focus to do this exercise. If you are thinking your way through it, don't. Notice how you can do this without thought being there This exercise will bring you into the the two main energy channels up and down your body, as well as to get you away from thought. Such is the importance of your breath and the energy within. The constant communion with, the centering within, is a key to the door of your consciousness.

~Chapter Seven~

It takes a lot of energy to keep the illusion in play. One uses up more energy engaged in maya than one would engaged in truth. With more energy we become energized. When we are energized, the light is shining within and without. A few ways that you can become energized have been discussed. A few ways to start the energy moving in an aware fashion, to keep the energy centered and to keep yourself in soul awareness.

We must learn not to lean on anything, not to hold on to anything. None of these disciplines and exercises can be your crutch. Nothing is needed for God to illumine you except to undo that which you have created......that which separates you from God.

If we were to observe from enlightened consciousness, we would observe all phenomena as different frequencies of vibrations varying in rate and amplitude. This is beyond the molecular level that the scientist can reach using powerful microscopes. Through the microscope you can literally see the friend that you are talking to, breathe in the same atoms that were part your ear a few moments earlier. The atoms are continuosly moving even though we can't see it happening. Those atoms that were making up your friends arm might be the next atoms that you breathe in. If you were to travel around the earth to the other side, chances are, you would breathe in one of your previous atoms.

If we were to go beyond this physical manifestation, we would find the vibrational planes of energy that can only be reached through the inner path, of which this writing has been about. These higher planes of consciousness are the truth and light within you. These vibrations are making up everything.... From the slower, heavier vibrations of dense matter like rocks and steel, up through the lighter, quicker, subtle vibrations of consciousness and light. Your soul vibrates at light consciousness.

Similarly your physical body is of vibrational frequency that can be raised up to higher levels of your true nature. Who was it that said,"let your body be filled with light"? Such is the power of the enlightened soul.

When the veil of illusion is dissipated, and the real you can be at that place, fully and openly at full vibrational that point your whole field of vision will be in movement....a wonder to behold through the grace of God.

Only through your devotion to that truth within can you open this door. Only through your faith and purification of desire will you open that door.

Purification of desires.....all else will keep you in your first three chakras, that of survival, sex, and power. Compassion will raise you into the fourth chakra. Purification of desires.... this is the bottom line here. Desire is a trap. Everywhere you look you see your desires....purification of desires....At every second you must consciously work on transmuting the energy of desire into something higher. Change the energy into useful energy, into compassionate, good for the world energy.

As the desire is transformed into a higher use of the energy, your whole vibrational make up changes accordingly. Any use of energy that strengthens the hold or intensity of the lower chakras, interferes with spiritual progress. All of the worlds activities on a day to day basis are conducted in the first three chakras, as well as all ego maintenance and enhancement. Most people focus on the lower chakras. All lower chakra vibrations are of gross vibrations, while all higher chakra vibrations are of subtle vibrations.

It could be said that ones spiritual journey consists of traveling up the spinal column. [From an energy point of view.] Movement and transformation of energy from the lower chakras to the higher chakras. Purification of energy.

Chakras are energy centers, [levels] up and down your spinal column. They are part of an etheric network that permeates your body and its organs and also surrounds your body as your aura. The ethernet..... where all of your incoming energy and all of your outgoing energy is processed.

Each chakra represents a different expression of energy.....different vibrational expressions. When a person is situated at one particular chakra energy level, the expression of that energy reflects that particular level. The concerns of the individual and their personality will express itself accordingly as being at that particular level. The lowest chakra being the grossest form of energy and the highest chakra being the finest form of energy. So a person living at any one particular energy place will relate all things in terms of that place. Thus, what would be normal for a second chakra person would not be normal for a third or fourth chakra person.

These are your energy centers..... 7.Enlightenment or union with God. This is your crown chakra, at the top of your head. 6.Wisdom. This is your ajna chakra, your third eye, located between your eyebrows. This is the level of the causal plane, the place where yin and yang becoming form. The first place into form from the formless, from the unmanifest. The place of pure ideas.....where the mind creates the idea.....ideas that create the universe. 5.Seeking of God. This is your throat chakra. Brotherhood. 4.Compassion. Your heart chakra. 3.Power and mastery. This is the solar plexus chakra. 2.Reproduction and sexual gratification. Located at the level of your genitals. 1.Survival. situated between the anus and the genitals.

Most people spend their lives in the first, second, and third chakras and never have a clue that God or anything higher than themselves is possible. Once the journey is begun, we realize that it is a constant working on ones ascension that we must adhere to. The heart chakra and above is where we want to be, where actions transcend the ego.

Freud was a master spokeperson fixated at the second chakra. Adler was at the third chakra, and Jung at the fourth chakra. First, second, and third chakra people maintain and embrace mankinds illusion of separateness. Every time you engage yourself in an action of a lower chakra, you increase the hold of that chakra, whether it be thought, habit or desire.

~Chapter Eight~

So by now we know that at every level at which we exist, we're part of everybody else, right? ... We're all one being... There is no death, only transformation...

....To do anything with attachment, with desire, with anger, greed, lust or fear is only creating more karma that keeps us in the game and on the wheel of birth and death and locked into time and space....It's good that we know these things...because once we understand this.... desires can't help but to fall away. So it's good to be anchored in the moment and centered within your breath, because then the desires won't even hang around.

As lower chakra desires arise, one should transmute the energy to the fourth chakra and above. Transform that lower chakra desire into compassionate oneness. You can feel the fire of the energy as you work with it and raise it to a higher level. That power within your breath will anchor you into itself, and the desire will pass through instead of you grabbing onto it.

As you have a desire, so your mind will take on the shape of that desire. As your focus becomes centered in God, likewise your mind will take on the appearance of that focus, and become as pure as God.

Desirelessness is liberation, but as many times as we give in and fall to a desire, just get up and go on. It's very easy for guilt and self pity to set in, just accept where you are in the here and now and full speed ahead.

Don't waste your energy...conserve your powers....daily renewed sense yearnings zap your inner peace, and your vital waters will leak out.

Do not squander your treasure....exhuberance is a good stimulus towards action, but inner light grows in silence and concentration. Reconnect words with silence...let the silence in...If consciousness is all words and no silence, then unconsciousness remains unconscious. Good speech is silver but silence is golden.

As we hunger for whatever it is that we hunger for, automatically our desire brings it into being. Our desires regulate us to how we feel, so it's always best to feel the best thing, the most compassionate thing.... That thing that is the best is the warmest, the happiest, the most joyful....That thing that gives us the most strength, the most clarity, the most light...that thing that would have us hold hands [so to speak].

Our own cravings create our veil of illusion, so all we need is to be free of desire and free of thought. A simple enough task, with the knowledge at our command. Purify our thoughts and desires.....Thank goodness for God...otherwise there would be no solution for all of this. Your devotion to God will purify your thoughts and desires.

Your spiritual life is your doorway to God. Your most valuable treasure in this world is within you and is your connection to the higher planes of consciousness. Your attitude to this most Holy and Sacred space defines your life.

~Chapter Nine~

...Feel....with your heart

and the silence beyond the desire, beyond the thought
feel the breath come in....and feel the breath go out
feel with your whole heart and soul....the moment
feel the warmth...from love...inside
always feel the warmth inside
for we are one
through whom God acts and speaks


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